Venus in blue jeans-800

‘Venus in blue jeans’ (Mark Wynter - October ‘62)

New York songwriter Jack Keller was so enchanted by his girlfriend Eileen Berner
that he sat down with his friend Howard Greenfield and wrote a song.
Londoner Terence Lewis (Mark Wynter) loved it and in the October of 1962
had his very first top ten hit with it as it reached number 4 in the UK charts.

Now Venus never visited the poorer parts of the inner cities,
and beautiful girls in tightly fitted jeans were far from common sights;
but the catchy tune and lyrics were guaranteed
to put a smile on any young lads face… he could but imagine!

‘They say there’s seven wonders in the world
but what they say is out of date.
There’s more than seven wonders in this world,
I’ve just met number eight!’