‘Dead end Street’ (The Kinks - Nov ’66)

‘Bolly trucks’ or ‘bogies’ were hand crafted machines, constructed from scrap wood
and discarded prams found on the crofts and bomb sites of the inner cities in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
But who could built the fastest one?

That’s where a slope of any kind could be turned into a racetrack.
These were extremely fast machines with no brakes; you stopped them with your feet on the ground….
it was up to you to explain to your mum and dad why your expensive new shoes
(they rarely were new though) were ruined within days.

There were many decaying dead end neighbourhoods knocking around in the 60’s…
The Kinks number five hit more than hinted at that….

‘We are strictly second class, we don’t understand,
why we should be on dead end street.’