Vincent Side 2 (Don McLean - June ’72)

Based closely on the second of Van Gogh's renditions of ‘The Starry Night’ based on a seascape painted in 1889,
just a year before his death, and possibly one of his most famous works after Sunflowers!
We have no idea which of the two Starry Night pictures Don McLean was inspired by when writing this haunting song
about the life of Vincent Van Gogh which hit No.1 in the UK in the June of ’72.
“They would not listen, they did not know how,
perhaps they’ll listen now.”

This is a print of a watercolour and pencil illustration by the Lymm based artist Paul Bennett GMA and heres how its done……

Initial pencil sketch….

Watercolour wash added

Blue crayon added to sky and horizon

Water darkened

Boats outlined and yellow added to stars and lights

Water darkened reflections

Boats coloured and detailed

Couple detailed

Jetty detailed

Body completed

Foreground added

Final touches added to stars

Starry Night - available to purchase as Giclee prints in large and small and the original for sale at CLK Art, Lymm