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P F Bennett GMA

Originally studied Art & Design at Salford School of Art.
Happened to notice an old man with snowy white hair in a Salford gallery one day... Mr. L. S. Lowry;
chatted to him for a while and got his autograph, that I still treasure.

After leaving college I took up a position in a Manchester advertising agency making the tea, working my way up through different agencies to becoming the studio manager or creative director as they are called these days. Finally decided I should go out on my own as a illustrator/designer in the city and was luck enough to be able to spend a lifetime drawing whilst people paid me for doing it… amazing!

Having a young family I also started to design children games for my own youngsters in the late 80’s and was able to convince games companies to publish 12 of them.

1996, and being a petrol head I started drawing cars for my own pleasure, inducted into the Guild of Motoring Artists and ended up drawing thousands of them; this started Classic Memories Personalised Prints that has sold well over 80,000 prints so far.

In 2015 I went to see the three Cunard Queens sail up the Mersey, this inspired me to the extent to paint for the sheer love of it all over again as I had as a youngster.

This started me on a journey that has ended up with me becoming what I consider to be an artist of the ’Northern School.’

Growing up in the 50's & 60's, music played a great part in my life, and now with that era's music playing in my studio I base most of my paintings on the songs of that period that I loved...
I try to do a visual still shot from these pop songs whilst remembering my days of growing up in the North of England!
Perhaps it was meeting old Mr. Lowry all those years back that has guided me to where I am today!

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